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Al Falaah Islamic Centre - Dannemora & Howick

1/8 Laidlaw Way, Dannemora
Off Ormiston Rd
Google Map Address: 
  • Salat / Prayers
    Time: Daily - Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib and Isha
    There is regular attendance at each of the prayers.

  • Daily Fikr
    Time: Daily - after Fajr
    Language: English / Urdu.

  • Daily Taleem
    Time: Daily - after Isha
    Language: English / Urdu

  • Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer
    Khutbah starts at 1.55 PM each Friday (Daylight Savings time). This prayer is obligatory for all Muslims and this is the largest congregation of Muslims each week.
    Time: Friday - 1.30 PM (Bayaan starts) Daylight Savings time
    Speaker: Hafiz Riaz (Imam)
    Language: English

  • Weekly Ladies Programme
    About Islam and its importance!
    Time: Wednesday 7 - 9 pm
    Language: English / Urdu

  • Dars e Qur'an
    Qur'an tafseer in English
    Speaker:Hafiz Riaz
    Time: Friday - after Maghrib salat
    Language: English / Arabic

  • Adult Arabic Classes
    Time: Monday to Thursday - after Fajr
    Tutor: Hafiz Riaz

Rules and Etiquettes: 
  • Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer
    Due to the large attendance, parking is limited so please carpool if possible and arrive early.