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Organisational Developments

Year Development
1950 - 1995 Formation of regional Islamic Associations in major cities.
1979 - 1980 Establishment of a national Federation of all of the Islamic Associations within New Zealand called FIANZ (Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Inc.).
1985 FIANZ entered into Halal Food Certification, primarily Halal Meat certification.
1990 Establishment of Islamic National Women's Council under the umbrella of FIANZ.
1990 Formation of New Zealand Muslim Youth and Sports organisation, based in Auckland, under the umbrella of FIANZ.
1990 Formation of an Educational Trust, called Islamic Education and Dawah Trust (IEDT) valued by the Auckland Muslim community.
1991 Establishment of a business entity called AMANA Corporation to operate as the business division within FIANZ.
1992 The formation of Mount Roskill Islamic Trust in the Auckland.
1998 Formation of the Muslim Students and Youth Association of New Zealand (MSYANZ) under the umbrella of FIANZ. MSYANZ is organised through university network.
1998 Formation of Al-Manar Trust in Auckland.
2000 Formation of FIANZ Youth Division, managed by MSYANZ.
2000 Establishment of FIANZ national religious advisory board, under the umbrella of FIANZ, known as the Ulema Board of New Zealand. This board includes respected Imams, all of whom are graduates from reputable Islamic universities in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Strategic Developments

Year Development
1960 - 1979 Two Islamic Centres were established. One in Auckland and the second in Wellington.
1979 - 1985 First purpose built Masjid was completed at Auckland in 1980. (NZMA - FIANZ)
  Three more Islamic Centres were purchased. (Hamilton WMA, Palmerston North MMA, and South Auckland SAMA, FIANZ)
  First Masjid in Christchurch was completed in 1985. (MAC - FIANZ)
1986 - 1995 An Islamic Centre was built at Porirua, near Wellington in 1990. (FIANZ)
  In 1994 Muslims of Palmerston North also purchased a larger property to serve as their new Islamic Centre. (FIANZ)
  Al-Madina School by Islamic Education and Dawah Trust was established in South Auckland.
1992 Mount Roskill Islamic Trust, Auckland was established. The Trust purchased a church and converted it into a well furnished Masjid called Masjid Umar.
1996 - 2002 Another Masjid in the area of Ranui, Henderson, Auckland was built in 1996. (NZMA - FIANZ)
  First Masjid in the city of Hamilton was built in 1997. (WMA - FIANZ)
  FIANZ purchased an office in Wellington for its own use.
  A church was been purchased and converted into an Islamic Centre in Avondale area, Auckland. (NZMA - FIANZ)
  The publication of Al-Mujadid periodical New Zealand Muslim newspaper.
  A multi purpose building was been purchased in the city of Dunedin and converted into a masjid. The masjid is named Al-Huda masjid and it is the farthest masjid from Makkah in the southern hemisphere. (OMA - Dunedin)
  The establishment of the Al-Ma'arifah Islamic library by Al-Manar Trust.
  All export meat plants in New Zealand became Halal certified as a result of the efforts of FIANZ.
  Establishing the Wellington Islamic Centre. (IMAN - FIANZ)
  Establishment of Muslim owned salat facilities in all major & medium size cities.
  Establishment of salat facilities in all New Zealand universities and at Auckland International Airport.
  The establishment of Masjis Al-Mustafa in south Auckland. (SAMA - FIANZ).
2002 - 2020 Establish at least two Muslim schools in the North Island area and one in the South Island area.
  Ensure complete financial self-sufficiency of FIANZ.
  Establish interest free banking facilities for the Muslim community.
  Establish Zakat fund.
  Establish Muslim owned publishing facility.
  Establish a Dawah Academy for interfaith dialogue and new Muslims.